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Discover if you’re destined to go lo-fi or high volt.

Summer is definitely one of our top four-favorite seasons. The weather, the vibes …. we love it all, and we love to dress for it even more. Take our quiz to find out which nail polish look will enhance your summer style—whether you want to turn it up, keep it simple, or embrace the middle. BECKY PEDERSON

1. Your main summer objective is to be water-side as much as possible. Where are you hanging out?
    A. I’m working on my tan lines at the beach.
    B. A chic rooftop pool.

2. Speaking of, what’s your favorite swimsuit look?
    A. A minimalist one-piece.
    B. A bright bikini-and-kaftan combo.

3. You and your bestie are swapping playlists. What’s on your summer soundtrack?
    A. Shoegaze.
    B. Electropop.

4. You get a text: There’s a backyard BBQ happening, and you need to get there ASAP. What’s your mode of transportation?
    A. My bike.
    B. My convertible.

5. Once you get there, what’s your cocktail of choice?
    A. Gin fizzes—all day, every day.
    B. Margarita with salt, please.

6. Time to take a trip to the ice cream parlor. What are you getting?
    A. Froyo, natch.
    B. Rainbow sherbet with rainbow sprinkles.

7. You unexpectedly got the day off work. What now?
    A. I’ll go buy flowers at the farmers’ market.
    B. If you need me, I’ll be checking out the roller coaster at the county fair.

8. It’s the Fourth of July. What are your plans?
    A. Watching the fireworks with my family.
    B. Creating some fireworks with my friends.

9. You’re on a tropical vacation with your beau. What’s your go-to activity?
    A. Couple’s massage.
    B. Snorkeling.

10. Your sister is getting married this summer. What party are you most looking forward to?
    A. Her sure-to-be-Pinterest-worthy wedding reception.
    B. Her sure-to-be-insane bachelorette weekend she’s letting me plan.

Add 5 points for every A answer and 10 points for every B answer.

You are …. lo-fi!
You’re a blissed out babe who’s down for whatever, as long as it’s chill. Your big summer plan is to relax in a hazy dreamscape wonderland, preferably on the beach with some sand between your toes. Painted on your nails: tinted topcoats, matte metallics, and elemental shades.

You are …. a color chameleon!
You can’t be constrained by labels, man. Sticking to a single look is just not an option. Your summer is full of endless possibility, so your nails need to take you from day to night. You gravitate towards grainy, glassy nudes—but then you surprise everyone with a fluorescent pop on the tips.

You are …. high volt!
You’re intense, friend, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re amped to have a supercharged summer full of sporty adventures and hitting up the social circuit. On your nails? Saturated colors with infinite shine.


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